Qingzhen Rapeseed Oil


Qingzhen Rapeseed Oil is extracted from local rapeseed using traditional pressing technology.


Qingzhen Liuyima Yellow Glutinous Rice Cake


​Qingzhen Yellow Glutinous Rice Cake has a history of several hundred years.


Vegetarian Food at Qingzhen Chaofeng Temple


Vegetarian food is the core of Chinese Buddhist food culture and an important part of Buddhist health.


Qingzhen Liwo Town Yuguan Peach


The existing planting area of Yuguan Peach in Liwo Town is 23.33 million square meters, including 2 million square meters for peaches at full productive age, and 3.33 million square meters for peaches at the young fruit stage.


Qingzhen Huangshi Winery


Qingzhen Huangshi Winery mainly produces flower and fruit wine, including glutinous rice wine, peach wine, mulberry wine, rose wine and sweet-scented osmanthus wine.


Qingzhen Sha'e Tofu


​Qingzhen Sha'e Tofu is a bean product produced by the Sha'e Tofu Professional Cooperative at Sha'e Village, Liuchang Township, Qingzhen City.


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