Qingzhen's wine market further regulated


To crack down on illegal behavior in the wine production process, protect consumers' rights, and promote an increase in wine quality, the Qingzhen market supervision and regulation bureau has launched a special campaign.


Noodles with Pig Intestine and Blood Curds


The noodles with pig intestine and blood curds are one of the main household snacks of Han ethnic group in Guiyang, Guizhou rovince.


Laowa Mutton Hot Pot


Laowa Mutton Hot Pot is an old-fashioned brand in the city. It is made by adopting black goats and a secret recipe.


Qingzhen Laoguo


Qingzhen Laoguo is a local food made from potato, stinky tofu, shrimp, beef, pork, chicken, konjac, rice, sticky rice, rice tofu, cabbage, small cushaw and more.


Siwawa in Hot Soup


Siwawa in Hot Soup is a famous snack in Qingzhen. Made from fennel, hawthorn, flos magnoliae, pepper, codonopsis and other spices and Chinese herbal medicines, the hot soup improves digestion and nourishes the spleen.


Fermented Soy Sauce Hot Pot


Qingzhen Fermented Soy Sauce Hot Pot, which has been inherited for several generations since the 1970s, has become a speciality of Qingzhen.


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