Qingzhen launches ethnic unity education activities for students


To ensure students form a correct view of the Chinese nation, culture, and history, and consolidate a foundation for ethnic unity, Qingzhen arranged a series of educational activities for students.


Publicity campaigns safeguard student safety in summer holiday


Hongfenghu town in Qingzhen, a county-level city in Guiyang, recently launched safety publicity campaigns at its schools.


Qingzhen Vocational Education City develops rapidly


The Guizhou (Qingzhen) Vocational Education City is located in northwestern Qingzhen, a county-level city in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province.


Generous businesses and residents make donations to Qingzhen school


Several local enterprises in Southwest China's Guizhou province, as well as kind folk from all walks of life, have participated in a charity event in Guiyang's Qingzhen county, according to local media reports on May 26.


Qingzhen's new nine-year education school to open in September


Prioritizing the city's education resources, the Qingzhen government has cooperated with Qingzhen Guangda City Investment Co to build a new nine-year education school, Qingzhen Guangda Experimental School.


Qingzhen ensures 110,000 students resume school safely


More than 110,000 children from kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools have gone back to school in Qingzhen, a county-level city in Guiyang, capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province.


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