Red Maple Lake Scenic Area


Located in the western suburb of Guiyang City, 26 kilometers away from the downtown area, the Red Maple Lake Scenic Area is the first tourist destination in western Guizhou.


Ancient Tea-horse Town


​Ancient Tea-horse Town is a boutique tourist destination and a tourism distribution center with a rich cultural atmosphere, rich experiences, beautiful natural environment and perfect reception facilities.


Four Seasons Guizhou


The "Adventurous Water Park" which began operation on June 1, 2018 is located in the "Four Season Guizhou" mountain tourism complex at the junction of Baima Avenue and Qingzhou Avenue in Qingzhen City.


Home Land Guizhou


Located in the Home Land Campus of Qingzhen Vocational Education City, Home Land Guizhou is 3 kilometers away from the downtown Qingzhen and 23 kilometers away from the downtown Guiyang.


Time Town


With a total construction area of about 120,000 square meters, Time Town is a characteristic innovative cultural tourism zone integrating ancient town culture, Tunpu culture, leisure and eco-tourism.

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