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Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction

Updated: 2019-10-30


Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

Founded in 1979 as Guizhou Architecture Materials Industry School and later adopting the name Guizhou Construction School, Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction (GZPC) got its current name in 2014. Directly under the administration of Guizhou Department of Education, the school provides skill-based talents for the construction industry by offering full-time general higher education supplemented by secondary vocational and non-academic education. 

GZPC covers an area of 2.47 million square meters, having campuses in Qingzhen city and Guiyang's Guanshanhu district. GZPC is composed of 6 academic units (Engineering & Construction, Architectural Art & Design, Information Management, Construction Machinery, Guizhou Construction School and Further Education School) providing 36 majors of 6 relevant specialty groups.

As a "National Training Center for Skilled Construction " and "National Advanced Vocational Unit", GZPC took the lead in establishing Guizhou's "Vocational Education Group of Construction". It employs 508 faculty members, including 355 full-time teachers (23.9 percent hold doctoral or master's degrees, 21.9 percent have a sub-senior or senior professional title, 43 percent have an intermediate professional title, and 62 percent have teacher and engineer qualifications). 

GZPC creatively adopts education and has a comprehensive credit system, and has established a training course system which gives equal importance to professional and specialized fields. It pays great attention to cultivating innovation and enterprise capabilities and practice the schooling philosophy of "Promoting Lu Ban's spirit, being great artisans" by enriching school culture with academic, recreational and skill-based activities.


Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

In recent years, GZPC has attracted nearly 20 enterprises from Guizhou and other provinces to participate in the construction of its training base, thus introducing enterprises, talents and funds to improve school affairs. At the same time, it has introduced 200 million yuan($28.55 million) from Germany to establish an advanced training center and help it become a role model for other high vocational colleges of construction.

In the context of the initiative of "the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road", the school has made it a strategic priority in its development plan to go global and actively work on expanding international educational cooperation, in particular focusing on developing a global educational philosophy and innovative teaching practices. 

In recent years, GZPC has established exchange programs with colleges and institutions from western Asian countries as well as China's Hong Kong and Taiwan, and has attracted teaching and administrative staff from different countries and regions, including western Asian countries, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, to visit the college and establish cooperation programs.

Nowadays, vocational education in China is faced with a historic opportunity for development, and as a leading vocational college, GZPC shoulders this new mission. It is dedicated to providing technical and skilled talents with production, service and management skills for the construction industry. All the teaching and administrative staff, as well as students, will work hand in hand to make GZPC a national leading and an innovative construction vocational college.


Guizhou Polytechnic of Construction [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

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