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Red Maple Lake Scenic Area

Updated: 2020-08-14


Red Maple Lake Scenic Area [Photo provided to guiyang.gov.cn]

Located in the western suburb of Guiyang City, 26 kilometers away from the downtown area, the Red Maple Lake Scenic Area is the first tourist destination in western Guizhou. With an area of 200 square kilometers, the scenic area is a national AAAA-level scenic spot that integrates plateau, mountain and lake sceneries, karst landforms and ethnic customs. There is a mountain at the lakeside on which a great many maple trees are planted, hence the name Red Maple Mountain and Red Maple Lake. 

The scenic area consists of four parts: Northern Lake, Southern Lake, Central Lake and Rear Lake. Among them, the Northern Lake is famous for islands. Bird island, snake island, turtle island and other islands are dotted on the blue waters like scattered pearls, forming a unique landscape. 

There are ancient tombs of the Western Han Dynasty(206 BC-AD 24) and the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) along the banks of the Northern Lake. The Southern Lake is famous for its caves and unique shapes. The Central Lake connects the Northern Lake and the Southern Lake. The Central Lake is narrow, while the mountains on the banks are precipitous, and the pines and cypresses on the mountains are upright. The Rear Lake has many criss-crossing forks. 

The lake, islands, mountains and caves combine to form a beautiful picture. Tourists can enjoy the islands of Northern Lake, the caves of Southern Lake, the mountains of Central Lake, and the bays of Rear Lake in different seasons. With the Miao Village, Dong village, Buyi Village, Red Maple Park, Water Base, Xinglong Resort, Miao's stilted building, Dong's Drum Tower and Shelter Bridge, and Buyi's stone houses, it is an ideal place for eco-tourism, cooling and the display of different ethnic features in Guizhou. 

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